Sub Theme: Interpreting Feminism for a Conscious Realignment

  • Historical context, current situation and future trends
  • Revisiting approaches to feminism
  • Feminism: A route to compassion and humanity 
  • From reactionary mindset to responsible sustainable outlook

Sub Theme: Shifting Status from Marginalized to Empowered

  • Educating the less fortunate: A different world for our younger generation
  • Creating space for marginalized women
  • Mapping the struggle from marginalized to empowered
  • Bridging the gap between affluent and straitened
  • State and institutional mechanisms for empowerment
  • Empowerment through technology

Sub Theme: Reflections on Gender, Culture, and Society

  • Intense cultural mindsets and stereotype
  • Gender consciousness: Issues in health and education
  • Portrayal of women in literature , theatre  and electronic media
  • Gender discrimination, hatred and poor treatment of women
  • The need to reframe cultural discourse

Sub Theme: Reconsidering Equality and Equity

  • Equity leading to Equality
  • Economic and social opportunities for women
  • Decoupling girls ’worth from economic gains: Some case studies in economic exploitation of women.
  • Women labor force participation: Obstacles in the way of realizing full potential

Sub Theme: Adapting to Changing Roles and Functions

  • Home makers and professionals: No superpowers for women
  • Women leaders: More judicious and less competitive
  •  Age of reason: Learning from the experience of women of substance in different fields.
  • Women and socio-economic development
  • Women in leadership and decision-making roles
  • Increasing women participation and contribution: Women in environment media, health, business, education, science, technology, sports.

Sub Theme: Bridging the Gap Creating Understanding for Collaboration and Harmony

  • Adopting result driven approach: Global perspectives with contextual appropriateness
  • Influencing the thought process within the family and outside as opposed to patriarchal mindset
  • Creating a niche for women as global peace makers
  • Balancing gender-related laws through female representation in legislative deliberation and legal course of action
  • Identifying gaps in women institutional and state level efforts and response