NED University of Engineering & Technology in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) will host NED-Women Conference 2019: Perspectives on Women Development between 20-21 December 2019, in Karachi. The theme of the conference is PERCEIVING WOMEN EMPOWERMENT IN THE CHANGING GLOBAL SCENARIO that aims to provide a forum for academic discussion and framing an action plan for such policy initiatives that would help in supporting women who are making a struggle every day in their personal and professional positions to break down the barriers and to “create a better world for everyone.” The conference will also offer an opportunity for women from Pakistan and around the world to share stories, life-time experiences, and strategies for future women.

Out of 207 million population of Pakistan, 101 million are women, the figure speaks for the contribution that women in Pakistan are making and could make in bringing a change in country’s socio-economic development. Significance of women empowerment locally, regionally and globally cannot be overstated to create peace and harmony in the society. The goal of making women empowered requires a conscious realignment of thought process, a shifting of modules and approaches towards solution-oriented mechanisms and building upon the focus to what women empowerment means. Women do have a right to shape their future and the future of the world. Women empowerment is the only means to accept and acknowledge that women deserve a dignified and respectable existence. This goal is being translated into some aspiring aims and objectives set out for the conference.

Aims & Scope:

The conference aims to bring together actors, influencers and stakeholders related with women development, mobility, and participation in different domains at the local, national and international fronts. A major aim remains creating a platform to formally present issues, achievements and ideas that influence discussion, awareness, consensus, advocacy, and future efforts and policies. The event brings together women and men to understand the e constraints, struggles of women and the way addressing them will impact communities, society and country. The conference also aims to set strategic objectives and actions for gender equality, health, nutrition, education, rights, economic and political representation and empowerment and wellbeing of women in the 21st century.  All these are fundamental requirements to fuel holistic growth and benefit of humanity.

The conference will feature oral and visual presentations, technical sessions, thematic talks, and panel discussions as the main features of the two-day conference programme. The women leaders, influencers, mentors will share directions for young aspiring women to create a plan for their development in order to realize their full potential and in attaining their goals and dreams.